What is fully-managed hosting?

If you're asking youself what the difference is between fully-managed web hosting, and regular web hosting then we can can answer that in one word: Convenience. Most web hosting outfits will sell you a package, give you a link to some sort of control panel, and then let you loose to figure it out on your own. We honestly don't think that works for everyone. Besides, you do have better things to do with your time, right?

SaidHosting keeps it simple

That's where we come in. Do you need a new email address set up? Fire us off a quick email, and consider it done. Need to add more content to your existing site? We'd be glad to help. We can install web applications like forums, wikis, and image galleries for you. We can even take care of integrating the new funcionality into your existing site if you need us to.

A look at our server-side technology

We operate Windows and Linux servers. Our servers have the latest versions MYSQL and PHP installed. If you who aren't fluent in geek speak, don't worry, all that means is that our servers can handle just about anything you can throw at them. So whether your growing a small community-based site, or powering a large, dynamic website - we have the chops to keep your site running like a cheetah.